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I am often asked questions about my services and how using a travel agent works. If you have never used a Travel Agent before it can certainly be confusing. In the simplest of terms, after learning about your travel desires I help design the perfect vacation for you, and make sure all aspects of planning are taken care of, so you can show up and RELAX! 

Below are some other frequently asked questions you may wondering...

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Why Use A Travel Agent?

Travel can be very complex with a lot of moving parts. From theme park vacations that require reservations and touring plans, to cruise vacations that require online check-ins, port transfers, and packing lists, each vacation has its own set of needs. My job is to make sure all of these details are taken care of and that you are fully prepared to show up and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Not to mention, I will be your direct contact if you ever have questions you need answered or changes you have to make. No need to sit for hours on hold with a supplier, when you have me as your travel agent! 

Can You Save Me Money? 

In many cases, YES! Even after you are booked I continue to price-watch and will automatically apply any promotions that come available and you are eligible for. I always run packages through offers for clients and try to make sure you getting the best deal. So no worrying about booking early and better deals that may come available later. 

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How Do You Get Paid? 

I am paid by the supplier after you travel. You will pay the same amount for your vacation whether you choose to utilize my services or not. If not, the supplier just pockets that money. 

Because I do not get paid until after your vacation, and I do not charge additional planning fees or cancellation fees (this is getting rare in the travel industry), it is important to understand that I am not compensated for my time quoting and planning if you book somewhere else or cancel your vacation. I certainly understand life happens, but I love when my clients are as committed to their vacation as I am! 

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Do You Charge Fees? 

In most cases, No. You will pay the same price for your vacation utilizing my services as you would booking directly with the supplier! What a great deal, right?  I do not charge fees for theme park packages, cruises, or all-inclusive vacations. 


I do offer a Vacation Design Package for $200 if you purchase 1 or 2-day tickets and want access to my full planning services and a customized itinerary. Or if your currently booked vacation is not eligible for transfer and you find yourself in over your head and want access to my services.

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Can I Still Do The Planning?

Of course! You can do as little or as much of the planning as you would like! 

I am happy to come alongside you and assist where you would like, but if you enjoy the steps of planning, by all means, it is your vacation! I will still be happy to take care of anything with the supplier, continue price-watching, and create your customized itinerary.

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Do You Book Flights?

Not often. During Covid we learned a lot about the travel industry. I pride myself in always making sure I am looking out for the best interest of my clients. It is almost never in your best interest to bundle your flights in with your vacation supplier. You can likely find better pricing, have more control over your flight schedule, and own your own air credit if changes have to be made, by booking your air separately. If there is a reason that booking your air through the supplier makes sense I will certainly present the option to you. And of course, I will still make sure your airport transfers are arranged. 

Request a Quote

I offer prospective clients the opportunity to request a free, no obligation quote for any travel services they may need. Simply fill out the form with your desired destination, travel dates, and number of travelers, and I will be happy to send over a tailored quote. Let's start planning! 

Book a Consultation

I am committed to providing the best service to my clients. To help you plan the perfect vacation, I offer a free consultation over the phone. To book your free consultation, simply book online with me. If you need to schedule your free consultation after hours, please email me. I look forward to helping you create the perfect getaway!

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